$200.00 Additional Speeding Fine has been approved by our community. The additional speed warning signs have been approved at both entrances to the community and have been posted.

Welcome to Arrowood HOA

Zika Notice

Prince William Health District Zika Notice - Checklist


2016 HOA Semi-Annual Dues!

  • Semi-annual dues have changed, they are now $211.66 per installment.
  • Semi-Annual dues for 2016 are due on:
    • January 1st - $211.66 (late after 1/30/2016)
    • July 1st - $211.66 (late after 7/30/2016)
    • Late fee $12.70
  • Online Payment Information Available Here ($8.95 - administrative fee)

Approved Budget - 2016

Attached approved budget for the year 2016


When selling your home you will need an HOA Disclosure Packet for the new buyer

HOA Disclosure Packages are now completed through our community manager office at a cost of $265.00 per packet, plus shipping costs. Please see attached form below that must be completed and sent to:

Sequoia Management Company
13998 Parkeast Circle
Chantilly, Virginia 20151

Please see attached sheet for pricing breakouts.

HOA Disclosure Package Form


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